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Te Patutiki Tome 1 & 2

Dictionnaire du tatouage des îles Marquises Te Patutiki Commander

The TIKI TATTOO studio is specialised in Polynesian and Tribal (from Maori tattooing) tattoos and especially in Marquesan tattooing, known as "PATUTIKI".

At Tiki TATTOO, our Polynesian tattooers guide you in the choice of your Polynesian or tribal tattoo:

Our Polynesian tattooers from the Marquesas Islands will enable you to discover the art of "TE PATU TIKI O TE HENUA ENANA" (tattooing from the Marquesas Islands), through their language, legends, and myths and also through thorough and serious research. Each tattoo symbol has a profound signification. At TIKI TATTOO each person to be tattooed is accompanied by a "Tuhuka patutiki" (master tattoo artist), throughout all the steps from the beginning right up to the end of the tattooing process. Here is how we do your personalised Polynesian tattoo:



    1. The first step is to contact the TIKI TATTOO studio, by dropping in, phoning or by email. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and together we will discuss and define your tattooing project.
    2. Once your future Polynesian tattoo has been clearly defined, by explaining the meaning to be symbolised to the tattoo artist.
    3. The first appointment is taken.
    4. The design for your Polynesian tattoo is drawn directly onto your skin. Changes can be made until the desired result is obtained.
    5. Next the tattoo artist proceeds by tattooing the outline and/or the filling in and shading of the future PATUTIKI (Polynesian tattoo from the Marquesas Islands).
    6. Your tattooer only uses disposable material under the strictest conditions of hygiene. Finally, your story will have been inked into your skin…
    7. Your tattooer explains the steps for your tattoo to heal optimally. You will be given a page of written instructions as well.

At TIKI TATTOO, your story is "inked into your skin" in the pure Polynesian tradition from the Marquesas Islands in an original and unique manner.

TIKI TATTOO (TE TAU TUHUKA PATUTIKI) Polynesian tattoo artists:

All of the tattooers at TIKI TATTOO come from large Marquesan families of artists in French Polynesia. Our tattoo artists have many years of experience in Polynesian tattooing and in particular Marquesan tattooing. Our artists have also studied, in depth, the signification of the "patutiki" ancestral tattoo symbols in their families and with Marie-Noëlle and Pierre OTTINO who are Doctors and anthropologists in prehistoric archaeology and researchers at the French "IRD" research organisation. Marie-Noëlle and Pierre are Marquesas Islands specialists. They co-authored a book in French about the art of tattooing in the Marques Islands called "Le Tatouage aux îles Marquises Te Patu Tiki".

Differences between Polynesian tattoos (Maori, Ma’ohi or ’Enana)

Marquesan tattooing is very stylistically different (PATUTIKI ’ENANA) from Tahitian tattooing (TATAU TAHITI), Maori tattooing (TAMOKO from which stemmed tribal tattooing), Samoan tattooing (TA TATAU SAMOA) and tattooing done in other Polynesian archipelagos. PATUTIKI ’ENANA (Marquesan tattooing) has the most ancient traditional symbols, making it the most intricate of all the Polynesian tattoo styles. It predominates in the world of Polynesian tattooing, but today, only a few people are aware of this fact. It is often mistaken for Tahitian, Maori tamoko from New Zealand and Samoan tattooing. It is for this reason that TIKI TATTOO was created in order to promote Marquesas Islands tattooing in honour of our HENUA ’ENANA: "the land of men" (Marquesas islands) and our most prestigious ancestor from the Marquesas islands: TIKI.

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